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1 Getting Started with Rails

Before talking about installation of Forgeos, we recommand to read Rails Getting Started .

2 Prerequise * ruby >=1.8.6 * rubygems >=1.3.4 * mongrel or webrick or thin or phusion passenger * rails 2.3.8 * haml >=2.2.15 * MySQL >=5.0 or PostgreSQL >=8.3

3 Install Rails

3.1 Linux

Installation of rails depends of your distribution.

Throughout this section we use Debian commands.

$ apt-get install ruby ruby-dev rubygems mysql-server libmagick++-dev libruby libmysql-ruby

3.2 Mac OSX

RubyOnRails is natively present on Mac OSX but ruby, rails and all other libraries are too old (ruby 1.8.6, rails 1.2.6, rubygems 1.0.1).

You can override this binaries by installing new version with port.

$ port install ruby rb-rubygems mysql5-server ImageMagick

Or use RubyStack

4 Install ForgeosCommerce

ForgeosCommerce is based on ForgeosCore and has ForgeosCMS as dependency.

4.1 Create a new Rails application.

ForgeosCommerce is a Rails plugin, it appends functionnalities to a Rails application. To install it we need to generate first a Rails application.

$ gem install rails -v 2.3.8 --source $ gem install haml -v 3.0.25 --source $ gem install thinking-sphinx -v 1.3.20 --source $ gem install rmagick --source $ gem install passenger --source $ rails _2.3.8_ -d mysql my_commerce_app

4.2 Install ForgeosCommerce in your application.

After configuring the database like this, you need to create migration which launch ForgeosSuite migrations :

$ cd my_commerce_app $ rake rails:template LOCATION=

And now you can run happily the webserver :

$ passenger start

By default the webserver (mongrel) listens at http://localhost:3000 .

And now you get ForgeosCommerce running in your favorite browser to http://localhost:3000 like this :

5 Windows Bundle

For Windows users we have made an archive which contain Instant Rails (mysql,apache,RubyOnRails) and ForgeosCommerce ready to use.

Infortunatly some features are not availables in this bundle (picture upload and search engine).

To launch ForgeosCommerce beta preview, double click on InstantRails.exe then right click on the InstantRails systray icon then choose “Manage Rails Applications”.

Select “forgeos_commerce_beta” then click on “Start with Mongrel”.

And now you get ForgeosCommerce running in your favorite browser to http://localhost:3000 like this :